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About MiniCalc

MiniCalc is a Scientific Calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch (mobile Safari). I believe that a well done calculator is a crucial application for the iPhone.

The iPhone's calculator will be simple to start off with. I hope you like it.

Send comments and suggestions to info@iphav.com

Copyright © 2007 Dave Martin. All rights reserved.

Version 0.05 Beta - Fixed some of the styling...still much more to do. The non-standard Pi button was bothering me too, so I fixed it thanks to LaTeX. I added a "backspace" button, the arrow to the left of the zero. I'm not crazy about the colors so far, but they are just something there to get it started. I may introduce rudimentary skins, we'll see. 8-6-2007

Version 0.04 Beta - Fixed an issue with the decimal point. 0 x! now equals 1 like it should, though it still doesn't do fractions. 7-5-2007

Version 0.03 Beta - Fixed an issue with PI and math functions. Also fixed an error where the equal sign wouldn't clear the internal memory properly. 7-2-2007

Version 0.03 Beta - Added Trig and Log Functions. I need to clean up some of the buttons now and fill in some of the blank ones. It's testing pretty well, but I still see some errors. 6-29-2007

Version 0.02 Beta - Cleaned up the look and introduced the Memory Functions. 6-27-2007

Version 0.01 Beta - Introduced Simple Math Functions. 6-19-2007

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