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Built In iPhone Calculator

The built in iPhone calculator has seen much improvement since the initial iPhone release. Originally, it was plagued with errors, had no scientific functions and wouldn't work in landscape mode. Apple fixed all three in the iPhone 2.0 software release. It now has many of the features of it's OS X cousin. Specifically it has added many scientific functions: sine, cosine, tangent and their hyperbolic counterparts in either degrees or radians.

It won't, however, satisfy everyone. It has no programmer functions. No binary or hexadecimal enabled entry. It won't do Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). It doesn't show a "tape" style history, or any history at all for that matter. And it doesn't do anything for a financial or business whiz.

But I give Apple credit for what they have done. Surely most people will be perfectly happy with the design and function of this calculator. Its straightforward function and clean design in imitation of a 1977 Braun Calculator, make it a delight to use.

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